DeVaun Lee V.S. Shane Mosley Jr Episode 6 of The Contender


The fight we have all been waiting for finally took place on episode 6 of the 5th season of The Contender series on Epix. Since before the tournament began, Lee was looking for a name to raise his profile as a middleweight contender looking to call out the son of a legend, Shane Mosley Jr. Coming in with a record of 10-2 with 8 KOs it was an even match between up and coming fighters who had it the hard way while rising up the ranks, but Lee was hungry for this fight. On the very first episode “Unique” made it known that he was focused on this match, and as part of the blue team would do whatever it took to make the fight as his choice…and not the gold team’s. The season’s first five fights had the gold team reeling as the blue team was piling up the wins and going for the first sweep in contender history, the matchmaking made for some entertaining fights with some explosive conclusions.

For episode 6 it was all business when the time came to choose opponents, DeVaun was towing the line with Shane before he could point him out, the competitive tension was at full swing as the men knew that war was ahead the following night. With legendary coach Freddie Roach backing Lee for this one-off fight away from Moises Roman Jr; his boxing trainer, a packed house awaited them including Lee’s own daughter and fiance who were eager to see their star shine. The blue team was at one edge of the ring cheering on their brother with “YASSSSS” as he entered the squared circle, Mosley Jr with his multiple time ex-world champion father in the stands was being backed by Nazim Richardson who had a prior relationship with the young fighter.

And so it began, it was time to throw respect out the window and for both warriors to clash and they did. While Lee got off to a slow start in the first round Mosley fired off a combination sending Lee to the canvas for only the second time in his career, this woke up the Young All Star for what would be the fight of the season. With the second round being important for Lee to win, it was the Southside Jamaica Queens native who took the fight to Mosley, peppering him with jabs, slashing hooks to the body and head, and ultimately winning the round through activity and smart defense. Using his experience and vast arsenal, the war was being won by Lee, he seemed to find his rhythm and although he was getting caught with some clean shots by the younger Mosley, he also landed his own flashy combos that had his teammates and those in attendance at their feet. The third and fourth rounds saw DeVaun continue the momentum swing, as he looked to be punishing his opponent with punches that had him reeling although underneath the action Lee suffered an injury to his right bicep that turned him mostly in to a one armed boxer. The fifth and final round would continue the same, it was back and forth, trench warfare as Mosley desperately attempted to answer back to ensure a win from his early success in the first round, it was Lee who continued to press the action, switching to southpaw at times to confuse and capitalize on his opponent. With the round coming to a close in front of a raucous crowd it was Mosley who would steal victory from Lee as he landed a combination punctuated by an overhand right that put down Lee forcing the referee to stop the fight with just seconds left in the round.

In the end Devan Lee drops to 10-4-1 suffering his first stoppage loss in what was a barn burner of a fight. With more experience during this season of The Contender, Lee now heals and makes his way through to a fight scheduled very soon to redeem himself. As for Mosley Jr, it’s a fight that Lee wants a rematch of, a chance to be 100% and change the outcome of the first fight…respect to both warriors.

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